Exhibition program

16 March 2024 Saturday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

16.03.2024 Saturday, GENERAL HALL

13:00-13:45 - Gathering of guests

Preparation for the opening of the exhibition for visitors

13:45 - Speech by speaker Vasil Khairutdinov

Speech by Vasil Khairutdinov on the topic "IT industry is a game for business. What opportunities do games offer for real business? How can a game become an effective tool for attracting customers? Online game is your additional modern and profitable business. We discover a new trend for business and offer a ready-made solution"

14:00 - Speech by MIPT SHIR speakers

Speech by Igor Rybakov, Lev Rybakov and Mikhail Romanov on the topic "The Principle of Building Phenomenal Companies - Apprentice Chains"

14:15 - Presentation by speaker Vasily Kurbatskikh

Presentation by speaker Vasily Kurbatskikh on "What is the difference between the cities of the future and modern housing estates and settlements"

14:30 - Speaker Rustam Sadikov's speech

Rustam Sadikov's speech on "Where to invest in 2024 to get from 20% to 200% per annum?"

14:45 - Speaker Alexander Bogatyrenko's presentation

Alexander Bogatyrenko's presentation on "How to easily find money in a company and start earning more?"

15:00 - Speech by speaker Lev Efremov

Speech by Lev Efremov on "How, with the help of discipline, I opened 107 candy stores in Russia and Kazakhstan"

15:30 - Speaker Yulia Magas

Speech by Yulia Magas on "How to become №1 in your field - the main tools of PR, development of personal brand and media"

16:00 - Speech by speaker Nadezhda Bogdanova

Speech by Nadezhda Bogdanova - owner of StilRemStroy and Eleon development, on the topic "Investment houses"

16:15 - Speech by speaker Irina Smorygo

Speech by Irina Smorygo on "How to attract real clients through YouTube. Actual changes and trends"

16:30 - Speech by speaker Marina Saltykova

Speech by Marina Saltykova on "Collective Investments in Real Estate. Strategies 2024"

16:45 - Speaker Alexander Ivanov's presentation

Alexander Ivanov's presentation on "Personal energy of an entrepreneur, where it comes from and how to create it"

17:00 - Speaker Pavel Neba's presentation

Pavel Neba's presentation on "About Investments. How to create and enjoy a passive source of income?"

17:15 - Speech by speaker Anastasia Kolotilina

Speech by Anastasia Kolotilina on the topic "We animate space with our furniture: How to attract solvent clients and increase the check with the help of the interior?"

17:30 - Speaker Alexander Vronsky's presentation

Alexander Vronsky's presentation on "Self-confidence or how to become a superhero in your life"

17:45 - Speech by speaker Egor Osipov

Speech by Egor Osipov-director of marketing communications at Vitamin.Tools (Yagla+LPgenerator)

18:00 - 18:45 - Address by special guest of the forum - Temur Shakai

Address by special guest of the forum - Temur Shakai

19:00 - Speakers Alexander Petrov and Gulmira Silvanovich

Speech by Alexander Petrov and Gulmira Silvanovich on the topic "How to become a resident of Skolkovo, MIK (tax benefits for 10 years, automatic ITC+ status, access to grants, subsidies, loans at a rate of 3%)?
-How to formalize a JSC in order to attract investments at investment sites?
-How to evaluate NMA and increase the capitalization of the company?"

19:15 - Speakers Alexander Gomziakov and Fergana Akhmedova

Speech by Alexander Gomziakov and Fergana Akhmedova on "The influence of negative states on your life, and how to get rid of them"


company representative's speech

19:45 - Speaker Alexander Savelov's speech

Alexander Savelov's speech on the topic "Full sensation about rejuvenation of organ cells and the whole organism"

20:00 - Speaker Tatyana Filin's presentation

Tatiana Filin's presentation on "How to increase brand awareness in 30 days through personal brand"

20:15 - Presentation by speaker Irina Kalinina

Presentation by Irina Kalinina on "How personal brand helps to increase the check. What the client is ready to pay for and what he is not"

20:30 - Speech by speaker Reseda Sergeyeva

Forum guest presentation

16.03.2024 Saturday, LARGE HALL

13:00-14:00 - Gathering of guests

Preparing for the opening of the exhibition for visitors

14:00-14:15 - Speakers Anton Merkulov and Olga Ivanova speak

Speakers Anton Merkulov and Olga Ivanova speak on "Biohacking for Entrepreneurs: Simple Ways to Increase Your Effectiveness"

14:30 - Speaker Oksana Degtyar's presentation

Oksana Degtyar's presentation on "Why buy real estate in turbulent times?"

14:45 - Speech by speaker Nikita Kutsenko

Speech by Nikita Kutsenko on "Bitcoin or Stocks: Where to Really Make Money in 2024?"

15:00 - Speech by speaker Tatyana Azarenko

Speech by Tatyana Azarenko on the topic "How to reach a new level and stop treading on the ground"

15:15 - Speech by speaker Victoria Mitrofanova

Speech by Victoria Mitrofanova on "Situation Management or Strategic Planning? Trends 2024"

15:30 - Speech by speaker Viktor Yesin

Speech by Viktor Yesin on "Neural Networks for Business (for Marketplaces)"

15:45 - Speech by speaker Yana Zhuravleva

Speech by Yana Zhuravleva on "How to manage the marketing department so that it doesn't manage you"

16:00 - Speech by speaker Rauf Asadov

Speech by speaker Rauf Asadov - Development Director of Garant In

16:15 - Speech by speaker Olga Yashukova

Speech by Olga Yashukova on "Legal tools as a source of income for your business: practical cases of how lawyers helped businesses to earn money instead of cutting off great commercial ideas"

16:30 - Speaker Alexey Tsimbalov's presentation

Alexey Tsimbalov's presentation on "Cottages for rent - a new direction of investment."

16:45 - Speech by speaker Olga Zrodnikova

Speech by Olga Zrodnikova on "How to trick the brain: Secrets of effective learning and development of creative thinking"

17:00 - Speech by speaker Yana Zhuravleva

Speech by Yana Zhuravleva on "How and where to find a client for a high check in 1 touch?"

17:15 - Speech by a representative of the Passive Income Accelerator Club

Speech by Igor Peremitin on "50 sources of income. Which investment strategies worked and which did not

17:30 - Speech by speaker Diana Belyavskaya

Speech by Diana Belyavskaya on "The Formula of Voice: The Art of Persuasion through Intonation"

17:45 - Speaker Roman Orlovsky's presentation

Roman Orlovsky's presentation on "BUSINESS SYSTEMATIZATION: How an Owner Can Get Out of Operationalism"

18:00 - Speaker Elena Kutyreva's presentation

Elena Kutyreva's presentation on "Regular flow of target clients from offline events"

18:15 - Speech by speaker Aigul Grand

Speech by Aigul Grand on "5 types of capital:
  • What capital is available
  • .
  • Which capital is right for you
  • Which role will help build capital
  • The interrelationship of kin, family and capital
  • What is money and what is it for
  • Why big money doesn't come to everyone
  • How to provide for yourself for life and leave a legacy"

19:00 - Speech by speaker Dmitry Morozov

Dmitry Morozov's speech on "Shearing economy in commercial real estate. How to increase office profitability by 2 times!"
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