Exhibition program

16 March 2024 Saturday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

16.03.2024 Saturday

13:00-14:00 - Gathering of guests

Preparation for the opening of the exhibition for visitors

14:00-14:30 - Show program

Music break

14:30-20:30 - Main working hours

Exhibition time

20:30-21:00 - Take stands under guard

End of working day

Forum speakers

StilRemStroy and Eleon development - Speech by Nadezhda Bogdanova on the topic "New brand of Eleon developer"

Olga Yashukova - Speech by Olga Yashukova on "Legal tools as a source of income for your business: practical cases of how lawyers have helped businesses to earn money instead of killing great commercial ideas"

Anastasia Kolotilina - Speech by Anastasia Kolotilina on "We animate space with our furniture: How to attract solvent customers and increase the check with the help of interior design?"

Olga Zrodnikova - Olga Zrodnikova's speech on "How to trick the brain: Secrets of effective learning and development of creative thinking"

Alexander Ivanov - Speech by Alexander Ivanov on "Personal energy of an entrepreneur, where it comes from and how to create it"

Lev Efremov - Speaker Lev Efremov

Diana Belyavskaya - Diana Belyavskaya's performance on the topic "The Voice Formula: The Art of Persuasion through Intonation"

Irina Smorygo - Speaker Irina Smorygo

Yana Zhuravleva - Yana Zhuravleva's speech on "How to manage the marketing department so that it doesn't manage you"

Yana Zhuravleva - Yana Zhuravleva's speech on "How and where to find a client for a high check in 1 touch?"

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